Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Impregnating Galiana

I'm WHAT?!?
From an animal, biological perspective, it makes sense that people fantasize about getting a woman pregnant. The sex drive was created for creation, after all. Planting your seed deep inside to start a new life with your imprint... it's a primal urge.

In case you're wondering, no, I don't have kids. As far as I know, I've never been pregnant. I have, however, used dozens of pregnancy tests when circumstances were theoretically right to make the plus sign, but I always got a minus. In reality, since I got vertigo, I'm grateful it never happened. Kids are wiggly buggers.

But in fantasy, none of the potential disadvantages of a pregnancy surface: no child support, no lifetime of contact with a crazy baby mama, and no midnight grocery store runs for pickles and ice cream for an "irritable walrus", as my best friend described herself while pregnant.

Galiana. Honestly. Do you even try to turn people on anymore? Or does the whole world only exist to amuse you? /sigh

Oh, don't worry. The fantasy turns me on tremendously. And I know I'm not alone.

Of course, I'm never on the pill. And you know I hate the condoms we use as much as you do, so you get an idea that if you tease me and get me really close to orgasm, you may be able to talk me out of it when I'm fuck-crazed.

Or I'm extraordinarily drunk and horny and one thing leads to another and you mean to pull out, but then I'm begging you to come inside me... and really, then, whose fault is it exactly?

Or it's my wedding day, and you sneak into the church in that quiet hour before the ceremony begins, and you catch me alone, and I reluctantly admit I'm hoping to get knocked up tonight on my wedding night with my new husband. This is exactly why I hadn't invited you to the wedding, you bastard, because I never could say no to you, especially at this time of the month...

Often, though, it's not about the scenario or the role play. If I know you have the fantasy urge to multiply with impunity, even if the rest of our time together has nothing to do with getting me pregnant, I can beg you to "fuck a baby into me" and ka-boom! The intensity of our orgasms go through the roof, knowing the future will change forever when we climax.

And then, the delicious changes in my body... /grin

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