Monday, June 18, 2012

ExtraLunchMoney texting

I totally always look like this when I'm texting
I finally have a way to offer texting-for-pay now! I'm so excited!

Short Version: Go here, sign up, text me!

Longer Version:

I got a very sweet note from Eric, the tech guy at (hereafter possibly referred to as ELM), complimenting me on the quality of my blog, and inviting me to sign up to offer texts if I want a new way to earn money between calls.

I was suspicious, because all the text-for-pay setups I've seen have seemed like either they put the buyer or the provider in a horrible position to encourage abusing the other. But not this one - the way I understand it, it's super clever!

The buyer pays 3 credits (about 3 dollars, depending on how many you buy) to establish a month-long "connection" with a provider. That connection creates temporary phone numbers for both of them, allowing them to anonymously text back and forth without exchanging real numbers (ELM has my number - ELM has your number - we don't have each other's numbers, just like NiteFlirt). The numbers only work for text messages (no phone calls, no SMS pictures), so it's as simple as texting can get - just texting.

But here are the two smart ideas which work together brilliantly:

1. The buyer is only charged for texts they send.

2. A seller is only allowed to send 5 texts after a buyer sends 1.

It's so clever.

It avoids problems I've seen with other text-for-pay configurations: When you charge per seller action, charges can get out of control quickly, which is practically begging for chargebacks and refund requests. If you charge per buyer action with no limit to seller actions, the buyer can get tons of response for an unfairly small amount of compensation... or tons of whining spam.

This seems like a nice balance, where I can reserve one text for a few days later, but I can't inundate a buyer who just wanted to chat that one night.The buyer has control of the conversation by being able to stop any time, especially if I'm being stingy with my return texts.

I love that the connection lasts a month, so it encourages lazy-sexy ongoing story-building.

The seller sets the rate, as with most independent platforms. I'm starting with the minimum: 0.1 credit per text (about 10 cents! what a bargain!), but I might raise my price... although it is fantastic to think of expanding my working hours in a way that feels so simple to me.

Texting is a funny thing in terms of timing - sure, there are uninterruptible moments (like when I'm on a phone sex call, or getting adjusted by my chiropractor, or driving), but there are a ton of moments when I can text that I can't take a phone call (grocery store! just waking up! dog park!). I would love to fill those moments with sexy exchanges!

And I find sexy texting very energizing and fun. It's a bit less immediate pressure than being on a phone call, because I can ponder my response if I wish. And it's not quite as constant, so I can sext for a long time. Yay.

It seems suuuuuper fun to me. I'm listed as a "Virgin Seller" because I just set up. I can't wait to see who pops my cherry!

P.S. To other phone sex operators: ELM totally cool with you listing competitive sites (like NiteFlirt listings or your other cam listings or your blog), and their 60% payout rate seems reasonable to me for such a complicated service. Feel free to drop me a note to ask how it's going if you're curious. Please, though, if you do sign up, use the link above so I get referral credit - thanks!

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