Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Not That Kind of GFE

The grand experiment was: see if I can successfully travel to meet an out-of-town lover for a multi-day romp, with some resting time built in. 

The first five days were a smashing success: I rested up after traveling, then we romped to our hearts' delights in a sunny, warm, cozy place with every creature comfort I could have asked for. I got gussied up with straight hair and red red lips for our first sexy day:

He likes me in just a bra and panties. 

And then I played the part of the good mistress and put on my maybe-we're-just-colleagues outfit for scrumptious dining out about town (his wife knows about me - I'm more of an extra in their open marriage than a mistress, but it felt mistress-ish to dress even somewhat conservatively around him):

He loved it that I sneaked a picture in the posh bathroom. 

And then... My back went out and I was in excruciating pain. Dammit. 

So the last three days, instead of being a sexy continuation of days 3-5, I was finding a local chiropractor, switching out ice packs, taking muscle relaxers, and refusing to have sex with him. That sounds like the girlfriend a lot of men already have, not the one they fantasize about!!!

I was extremely upset. He was extremely gracious. I got home safely 10 days ago, I think, where I have continued working with my local chiropractor, but not at all working on phone sex. Honestly, mostly, I've been asleep, since the muscle relaxers mix with my vertigo mess to make me kinda coma-ish. 

My husband has been fantastically supportive, my roommate fantastically helpful, my local lover fantastically understanding, and I've been fantastically disappointed in myself, although I'm trying hard to shake that, because it's unhealthy and irrational. 

I was digging in my still-packed suitcase for makeup yesterday, to fancy up a bit for dinner just for the heck of it, and my favorite vibrators fell out of my suitcase, neglected and sad. Because I talk to inanimate objects, I said to them, "I know, I'm sorry I've neglected you. I always come back, though, and when I do, I'll need you."

And then I realized how to write this blog post. So I also say to you, "I know, I'm sorry I've neglected you. I always come back, though, and when I do, I'll need you."

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