Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Happy Birthday (soon) Happy 400 (now)

Me, a year ago
This weekend is my 41st birthday (Sunday, the 18th).

Last year, for my 40th birthday, I made a ruckus on my blog, my name was in lights (literally) at the Northwestern-Rice football game, I had a professional photo shoot, and I spoiled and pampered myself all month celebrating.

This year, on the day before I turn 41, my hubby and I are joining my mom in her cozy little living room, where she is renting The Big Chill and buying us pizza. A bit different.

Apparently, my thoughts about turning 41 are, "I don't care about turning 41, but did I do everything I wanted to do while I was 40? You know, I kind of wanted to watch The Big Chill again - it's full of pithy truth about growing up, and how choices have consequences, and how complicated things get when you come to terms with what you can and cannot have simultaneously in your life. I should totally see it while I'm 40."

But since I always love hearing from blog readers and callers and fans, I thought of an idea to test for my birthday weekend: pay-for-text.

Here's how it works:
  1. You spend $25 on me:
    -- through clipvia by this link or
    -- through Amazon Gift Card to
    -- or through kinkbomb by this link
  2. You send me an email with your digits, and let me know if I need to stay safe-for-work happy and flirty, or if I can be NSFW all-out naughty!
  3. I text you from my (temporary, anonymous, internet-based, so don't try to stalk me) number.
  4. Over my birthday weekend (Fri the 16th - Sun the 18th), I will casually* exchange texts with you.
    * Casually exchange texts = I will answer your text when I have a moment in which I would normally answer texts, which may be instantaneous and may be hours. I will not interrupt social activities or sleeping to answer a text, but I will answer every text eventually.
The way it works in my head, everybody wins: you get me a gift, and I get happy, flirty attention!

Of course, a gift card without the pay-for-text option would be lovely as well, especially Amazon, in any amount. Little things always come up after a move, and every bit helps!

Oh, hey, non-sequitor: This is my 400th blog post. /partyhorn

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