Friday, September 16, 2011

Jane's Guide Loves Me!

I was so happy yesterday I was making high-pitched squeaky noises between words as I read the review from Jane's Guide about my blog. I'm thrilled! Here it is, even with my own custom awesome subdomain URL:

How did it happen? I saw that Kitty Stryker's fantastic blog Purrversatility got reviewed by Jane's Guide (Vamp loves her blog too, of course... duh), and I started poking around Jane's Guide, wondering how to get my site reviewed. Turns out, you just submit your site, easy as pie.

The downside of doing so, however, is that from the moment you hit "submit" until the moment you get the email from Jane's Guide saying you've been reviewed, you are intermittently struck with mini-panic-attacks wondering if the reviewer will hate your site.I had paper bags to breathe into in every room.

I mean, I knew I would get "original" because I produce all my own content, any maybe "quality" because it is easy enough to find what you're looking for here, but it's the text that matters - how much enthusiasm (or lack thereof) is conveyed. And it's almost too much to hope that you'd end up as a staff pick... and yet, I am!

In case you can't get to Jane's Guide for some reason, here's the review:
This phone sex site is different, in fact it is so different that the sincerity and openness is bound to shock you. I find it sexy as hell! Galiana uses her own pictures, and has a blog that sounds 100% authentic. She talks about her real life, real turn-ons, and real turn-offs. The site is a very personal act of sharing, and I know that while I read it I felt like I got to know her a bit. In addition to phone sex (rates and such available on Niteflirt rather than on this site), she offers a variety of media for sale. When I visited she had 13 videos, 36 photo sets, and 6 mp3s. All of them have a description and run time listed. All of them are sold through Niteflirt. I especially recommend this curvy temptress to anyone with a robot or Fembot fetish, as she has a sample of her roleplay voice on the site and it is beyond delicious. I know this is a difficult fetish to find skilled partners for, and she has this one down (and even has live action videos). Genuine, creative, sensual, and very exciting. I highly recommend this one! Love, love, love!
When I was putting the title over "Jane's Guide Quality + Original" icon, I thought, "Jane's Guide Loves Me!" and then I thought, "Well, that's stretching it a bit." and then I re-read "Love, love, love!" and convinced myself it was okay to claim it.

Then I spazzed around the living room squealing and freaked my dogs out (why does mommy sound like a leaky balloon?)

In case you haven't been to Jane's Guide, it's like the Consumer Reports of the adult online world: independent reviews, clearly stated criteria for ratings, and staff picks like you saw at video stores and bookstores when you used to go to those.

Plus, I had never noticed before, they have put together one of the finest smut-glossaries I have ever seen: with all the definitions you wanted to know, but were too afraid to Google. I strongly recommend it to ladies making fetish videos for inspiration!

What a great gift for my birthday week!

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