Friday, May 17, 2013

NiteFlirt Awards

NiteFlirt started doing awards recently for top earners. Gold = above 99th percentile, Silver = 96th-99th percentile, Bronze = 91st - 95th percentile.

I was full-time on NiteFlirt for about 19.5 months, from July 15, 2010 through about the end of February 2012, and I earned all my awards during that time. Awards are based on semi-monthly periods, so two awards equals one month.

Here are my awards.

That means:
  • I was in the top 9% for 15.5 months (79% of the time, during which I moved twice)
  • I was in the top 4% for 11.5 months (58% of the time)
  • I was in the top 1% for 4.5 months (23% of the time)
The "Rising Star" award means that I was one of the top 40 newcomers for all but one period in my first 3 months.

I had NO idea.

I mean, I knew that people said that I rose in rankings more quickly than most people did. But that's subjective, anecdotal perception. It is incredibly easy to dismiss perceptions emotionally and intellectually.

It is another thing altogether to know that I was in the top 1% of earners on NiteFlirt within 6 weeks of joining the site.

Top one percent. Six weeks after joining.

Holy crap.

I'm blown away.

And then, I was consistently within in the top 4% on the site until my husband got the job here, and I wasn't our sole source of income anymore.

I'll tell other Flirts my income numbers if you write me privately. But I don't want to blow the fantasy lid off anyone's Financial Domination fantasies by publishing my numbers. Sorry, callers, you just have to wonder.

(Why Ms Chance, is that grin a sign of emotional sadism? Mayyyyyyyybe)

Ohhhhhh data. You give me such delicious feelings of certainty. And you throw such wrenches into my musings about what I want to do next with my professional life. Just like a good lover should, you encourage and challenge me.

I love you, data. I've missed you, man.

Also: Holy crap, I'm blown away.

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