Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Retro Picture Sets

As I explained in this post from December, I had a photo shoot that went extremely well, and I'm finally posting the results for sale.

My local BDSM and kinkster communities have an amazing treasure in a gentleman named Sir Wallter. He's not only a devoted student and teacher of high-protocol domination and submission, and a master bondage rigger, but he's also one hell of a photographer.

Before we met him, I saw his photography and loved his eye, and I heard good things about him from both sides of the D/s gang: giggling blushing young women playfully competitively bragged about how much of his training they had been able to take, and other local dominant women and men had warm words for him as well.

So I reached out to him, he graciously reached back, and we loved meeting him, and I loved being shot by him. The photos are stunningly high quality. Not only does he have a great eye for composition, but he can draw out some very fun emotions as well. I was delighted with the outcome!

The evening split nicely into 4 photo sets, each with at least 15 pictures, and all pictures are at least 2000 pixels wide or tall.

I'm selling the sets for the ridiculously low price of $5 each, through NiteFlirt (secure and easy) because (a) it's in my best interest for you to have a lot of sexy images of me in your head, and (b) because I want to sell lots of sets so we can take Sir Wallter out for a really nice dinner -- he refused to take payment up front, but agreed I could spend the proceeds on a luxurious dinner out together if they sold well.

I have the best life sometimes, don't I?

The outfit most deserving of a high-quality photo shoot was my Secrets in Lace items: retro garter belt and bra and ostrich feather robe, matched with lacy black panties, pearl jewelry, true red nail polish and lipstick, black stockings, and sky-high black-and-cream Carlos heels. Whose long legs are those?!?

Retro Strap-On

We started the evening with me on top, wearing my 7.7 inch Vac-U-Lock strapon. We were in his dungeon, where he kindly let me pose in front of his St Andrew's cross, with his ropes in the background, holding his deliciously wicked paddle.

Mmmmm it feels warm
He got amazing close-ups of the shoes, the stockings, and oh yes, the strap-on. Now all I need is a volunteer to get smacked and pegged ...

To purchase the set, click this link:

Retro Pinup: Hair Up

Then we moved to his vintage bedroom for some retro pinup poses, of which he is a huge fan and aficionado.
You want to feel your hands on me where?
He directed my positions like a champ, and got a good variety of me up and down, close-in and full-body. I felt flirty and fun and beautiful.

To purchase the set, click this link:

Retro Hair Down

Then my hair caught on something and I shook it out, intending to put it back up again, and both my husband and Sir Wallter blinked strongly and protested, and the words "freshly fucked" were used appreciatively, which made me feel even more beautiful and flirty.
Crawling. and Wanting.
In addition to the come-hither crawling-across-the-bed sequence (which prompted a real-life kiss with Sir Wallter because the sexual tension was just so damn high), there is a fantastic picture of my back side in the lacy panties.

To purchase the set, click this link:

Retro Topless

Then the bra needed to come off. It was practically falling off anyway, honestly. It was time.
a rare moment of demure
Although the preview picture has me covering with my hands, the other pictures in the set expose at least one entire breast each. These are the pictures that my breasts have long deserved, but which I had heretofore neglected to give them. They're happy to finally have their due.

To purchase the set, click this link:

Then, sadly, I needed to call it a night before we got into bondage or full nudity or play time. Very upsetting for me, but apparently he doesn't hate me for it, because he has since been an honored guest in our home, and he has invited me back for another shoot.

I'll confess: I hope next time to let him tie me up and do naughty naughty things to me! Wow. I just got thumpy thinking of that. Maybe I need to schedule sooner rather than later...

I hope you enjoy!

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